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1) Fill the counterweight box with weight (coins, sand, bolts, etc.)

2) Place the hole at the end of the loose strap over the pin on the end of the arm. You can use plyers to bend the pin forward or backward to change the trajectory.

3) Load the projectile into the pouch. Hold the ball in place against the arm with one hand as you continue with Step 4.

4) Tilt the arm down. Place the eye bolt on the arm between the two eye bolts on the base. Insert the trigger pin through all threee eye bolts to secure the arm in the downward position.

5) Place the pouch and projectile object onto the trough. Ensure that the pouch straps are not twisted.

6) Move to the side of the trebuchet, pull the trigger rope quickly and watch it fly!

pre-cut wood
wood glue
release pin
bouncy ball
launches up to 30 feet
stands 19 inches tall
illustrated, step-by-step instructions included
no tools or hardware required
adjustable release pin for changing trajectory
great for science fairs and school projects

+ For more information about bulk pricing, click here

+ Distributors: We have discounted pricing available for bulk orders. If you would like to sell our Trebuchet Kits at your store, contact us for more information. We currently have a few toy store distributors in Michigan, and we welcome new distributors. Special pricing is available for schools and scout troops as well.

Here are some useful tips about how to maximize the throwing distance of your Trebuchet Kit:

+ Put as much weight as possible into the hanging basket. The more weight you have, the further your projectiles will go. We've found that the best and easiest counterweight is to simply load the hanging basket with coins - pennies, quarters, whatever you have. Coins are very dense weight, and it works great. Other ideas: rocks, sand, batteries, nuts and bolts

+ Adjust the angle of your firing pin. The firing pin is the thin metal rod that you put the sling loop over. Use a pair of plyers to bend the metal pin slightly up or down. This will help your projectile release sooner or later, thus giving you a higher or lower trejectory. This will help you get more distance. If you fill the counterweight box with coins, you will not need to adjust the pin angle when launching the bouncy ball that comes with the purchase of a Trebuchet Kit. The pin is pre-set for this scenario.

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