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I can't find the instructions?
This is a common issue. In an effort to save money, paper, and time we printed the instructions directly onto the box. When the box is opened from the side, the panel that is covered by the flap is where you will find the instructions.

I can't get the trebuchet to launch properly?
We have several videos that demonstrate how to load and launch the trebuchet. A few pointers, ensure the straps from the pouch aren't crossed. Change the bend of the release pin at the top of the arm, this changes when the projectile releases. Ensure the hole in the pouch sling slips on and off of the release pin easily. If not, use pliers to flatten out the bulb at the end of the pin.

It seems that we are missing a piece?
While we make every effort to make every kit perfect, we are only human and therefor we do make mistakes. Email us and let us know which piece you are missing and we will spend that out to you immediately

I'm looking for bulk pricing.
We offer two tiers of bulk pricing. If you are a school group, scout group, or any other group of people looking to buy more than a few kits, contact us to get our bulk pricing. If you are looking to resell these kits, contact us here for our wholesale pricing. Either way, let us know what you need and we can help you out.


I'd like to build my own. Where do I start?

We started with the same question. We spent a lot of time learning everything we could about trebuchets and we took care to document as much of it as we could. Feel free to check out our Youtube channel here. We have also written a paper trying to give anyone a good starting place when building a trebuchet of any size. In addition we created an illustrated design that we offer free to anyone to build, test, and modify. Check those last two out here.

Trebuchet Kit Frequently Asked Questions

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