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Triangle calculations
- Calculates the angles and sides, otherwise know as SAS. Links to other triangle calculators.

Cantilever Calculator

- Use this to calculate the maximum stress exerted on your throwing arm.

Physics, Algorithms, and a Range Calculator

- Physics and a good trebuchet simulator.

Trebuchet Animation
- A good place to start your research.

All about pumpkins
- Pumpkin species.

Wood strength properties

- Includes weights of various wood types.

Wood strength definitions

Gear research

- Understand the mechanical advantage of gears.

Nova Trebuchet Documentary

- Documentary on the history and construction of trebuchets.

Animated Knots
- Learn how to tie helpful knots.

Engineering Toolbox

- Understand the mechanical advantage of levers.

Pulley Basics
- Mechanics of pulleys.

The Grey Company Trebuchet Page

- History, pictures and links.

Trebuchet designs
- Trebuchet designs, parts, and a formula for determining the diameter of your throwing arm.

Butler College Trebuchet Engineering Tips

- Basic principles and design.

Ripcord's Trebuchet Stuff
- Lots of links, formulas, pictures, design tips and more.

Siege Engine
- Theory and pictures.

The Hurl - Forum: Catapult Message Board
- Message board for all hurlers.

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