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14 Lake Orion competition OB treb.JPG
2012-10-06 11.01.18.jpg
first build.JPG
7 barn daze.JPG
first treb 2.jpg
6 school fair.JPG
first treb 1.jpg
3 Lake Orion fair.JPG
8 barn daze.JPG

Hinged Medium Trebuchet
We made a few modifications to the design, adding some reinforcements to the axle, removing the wheels, and generally bulking everything up. We loaded up to 300 lbs. into this counterweight box, and we launched anything from a soccer ball to produce up to 200 ft.
The pictures include our first attempt at a box-style hinged trebuchet. This design clearly worked much better than our previous version. While not perfect, suffering from excessive weight on small wheels and not enough clearance for the box, we learned some helpful discoveries in the process.

Would you like to build your own trebuchet? We've taken the time to explain the basic process in detail. We've built enough working trebuchets by now to compile quite a collection of tips and tools of the trade to help an aspiring launcher. Click the 2 files below to download the detailed instructions.

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