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2012-10-06 10.59.42.jpg
2012-10-06 11.00.55.jpg
Telos build 4.jpg
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Telos build 5.jpg
Telos build 1.jpg
Telos 3.jpg
Telos build 2.jpg
Telos 2.jpg
Telos build 3.jpg
Lake Orion Pumpkin Launch.jpg
Launch demo.jpg
Telos 1.jpg
coast guard hover.jpg
climbing to the top.jpg
Punkin Chunkin 4.jpg
Punkin Chunkin 11.JPG
Punkin Chunkin 5.jpg
Punkin Chunkin 7.JPG
Punkin Chunkin 12.JPG
Punkin Chunkin 8.JPG
Punkin Chunkin 2.jpg
Punkin Chunkin 1.jpg
Punkin Chunkin 3.jpg

Telos is our largest trebuchet, nothing short of a behemoth. Telos stands about 37' tall in a resting position, 17' tall A-frame, 24' wide, and 18' long, After nearly 2 years of design and construction work, Telos was completed in the summer of 2009. It is constucted of nearly 100 individaual pieces of wood about 60 laser-cut steel plates, 60 bolts, and engineered lumber. We conceived and built this trebuchet with plans to compete in the world championship pumpkin launching competition in Delaware - Punkin' Chunkin'. We successfully competed in November 2009 at Punkin' Chunkin and placed 13th in our first visit with a distance of 846 feet. While the machine and our throwing distance did not necessarily meet our highest hopes, the process was an adventure well worth it.

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